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Some restaurants are truly meant for sharing: sharing new food; laughter and joy. Noah Beach House and Noah Surf House are places where you will want to celebrate life in a relaxed environment with the magnificent Atlantic Ocean in the background. 

Both restaurants are located in Santa Cruz.

Noah Beach House, as the name suggests, can be found on the stunning Física beach. It boasts a terrace, where you can lay back and enjoy the sunset, a restaurant, bar and surf school. Local products and fish from our coast are the starts of its Menu.

Our second restaurant is situated inside the well-known Noah Surf House. Differentiates itself from its 'restaurant brother' - Noah Beach House, by its wide selection of exciting dishes. Each dish is a journey; you have the opportunity to savour the distinctive flavours of the Mediterranean, or if you prefer - exotic Asian dishes or even aromatic Middle Eastern food. Only the freshest locally produced ingredients are used to create the dishes on the menu. It caters for all formal or less formal gatherings: group lunches or dinners, team building activities as well as weddings. 

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