Preventive Measures


· Flexible cancellation policy: in case of booking cancellation due to Coronavirus, there will be no charge, provided that Areias do Seixo is informed up to 48 hours before the check-in date. Valid reasons: flight cancellation/not allowed to travel, infected people, or people in mandatory isolation

When booking:

· We request the filling of the entire guest profile to facilitate the check-in process and the stay

· We ask how the guest would like to be contacted by Noah Surf House’s reception during the stay, focusing on electronic and/or personal telephone through written messages, as well as if the guest would like to have daily housekeeping service

· We will privilege the allocation of guests in bedrooms and bungalows which can be directly accessed from the outside (out of the 21, only 2 bedrooms do not have this option). Furthermore, when possible, we will accommodate the guest bedrooms and bungalows that were not occupied in the last 24 hours

· Should you need to carry out a test for Covid-19, our team is available to take care of all the details

· Portugal’s National Tourism Authority, in partnership with RNA Assistance Insurance, provides a travel insurance scheme for foreign tourists that covers Covid-19 related claims


· Accessing the hotel requires guests to present EU Digital COVID Certificate (proved vaccinated against or recovered from COVID-19), or a negative test, which will be requested when checking-in.

VALID TESTING: RT-PCR carried out within 72 hours prior to submission; antigen test with laboratory report, carried out within 48 hours prior to its submission; rapid antigen test using the self-test method, carried out within the 24 hours prior to submission in the presence of a health or pharmaceutical professional who certifies its performance and result; rapid self-test antigen test carried out on the spot, at the restaurant’s/hotel’s entrance door, under the supervision of the persons in charge.

NOTE: children under 12 years old are exempt of testing requirements and are free to access places or establishments, to participate in events and to travel around the country.

· Exclusive access to guests, for any service (visitors not allowed). Exceptionally, guests from Areias do Seixo will also be allowed for the Restaurant and/or Sport Activities

· The use of face mask is mandatory in the common areas (indoors). To avoid waste, guests are recommended to bring their own individual protection equipment (e.g. face mask)

· Our team is properly protected, using personal protective equipment

· At Noah Surf House we breathe pure air! Instead of air conditioning, our acclimatization system uses aerothermal energy. We also have fresh air fans available when the Atlantic Ocean’s Breeze is not enough

· Guests are advised to bring their own individual bottle for water filling and/or tea, to avoid the use of single-use plastic

· Contacteless payments terminals are available and we encourage our guests to allow us to debit the payments directly on their credit cards to avoid contacts

· Hand sanitizer available at hotel access and attendance points


· The frequency of cleaning and disinfection practices and measures throughout the day were increased, namely regarding materials and existing equipment in accommodation units and common spaces, with special focus on high contact points (switches, remote controls, handles, glasses, electronic devices, buttons, and magnetic cards)

· Use of disinfectant products with proven efficiency in the elimination of the virus

· Regular ventilation of all accommodation units and common spaces, taking advantage of our big doors and windows

· The handling and washing textiles procedures were enhanced. Sheets and towels are carefully placed in specific containers to reduce the likelihood of spreading viruses or bacteria

· Guests may choose whether to request cleaning service during their stay


· Restaurant for Noah Surf House and Areias do Seixo’s guests only (visitors not allowed)

· Reduced restaurant capacity to ensure safety distance, according to the National Health Authority measures

· We strongly advise our guests to book in advance

· Breakfast requires prior schedule choice

· Breakfast Buffet service is assisted by our team to assure the safety distance between guests

· Menus are adapted to the current dynamics of the service

· Kitchen and restaurant teams adapted their service to ensure all safety measures, and are protected with specific personal equipment

· HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Plan and Food Safety measures in place were reinforced

· Areas used by guests in their meals are cleaned and disinfected after each use


· For prevention, some group experiences and activities will be limited to a reduced number of participants. Activities occurring outdoors and/or exclusively for couples and families/small groups will be privileged

· Detailed and updated information about experiences and activities can be accessed on our online concierge, before the stay, at Noah Sport Centre as well as on the black board, next to the reception

· If you own it, we suggest to bring your own gear for sports and activities (yoga mat, surf suit, skateboard, protections...)

· All gear and equipment are disinfected before and after use, as well as the spaces where activities occur


· Jacuzzi temporarily out of service

· Communal kitchen temporarily unavailable

· Dynamic Lab requires reservation and can be used for 2 hours maximum


· Our entire team is able to support our guests in case of emergency or suspicion

· We have direct contact and specialized support with the local health authority - Cluster of Health Centres West South


· All the teams are trained on the procedures in place

· Uniform must be changed daily at the workplace

· Employees have personal protective equipment for mandatory use

· Staff Only areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly, and the number of people allowed in each area was reduced

· It is privileged to carry out shifts and the establishment of teams always with the same group of employees

· Staff is encouraged to acquire baskets with products from our organic garden, for healthy eating and immune system reinforcement


· Suppliers with "Clean & Safe" label are preferred

· Suppliers have a prevention and contingency plan

· Safety procedures in the delivery of goods are in place

· All non-essential external services are temporarily suspended


· Tailor-made measures, consistent with the measures mentioned above, respecting each event’s profile and the evolution of the pandemic

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