Restaurant Noah Surf House

A place that gathers people from all around the globe, each dish is a journey.

Noah Surf House’s restaurant distinguishes itself from his “restaurant brother” - Noah Beach House – for its diversity and incitement to share. With an extended and broad cuisine options, without ever forsake its origins. A familiar laid-back environment which invites CONVERSATIONS and endless LAUGHTERS.

Each dish awakes one’s curiosity and desire to try out. It’s an invitation to embark in a savory journey, with the best view over Santa Cruz.


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About Noah Surf House Restaurant


Taking Portuguese cuisine as a starting point, the Surf House’s restaurant widens its horizons and wends to the middle east, follows to Japan and gets back to Mediterranean flavours. The Asparagus Risotto with Mascarpone smells like Italy, the Tataky Tuna Skewer with Sweet Potato Puree & Pineapple has both Japanese and Hawaiian influences and the Couscous that goes with clams is hand made in Trás-os-Montes (northern Portugal) with ‘Barbela’ wheat. These are three of the MUST TRY dishes.

The journey does not end here. The Sautéed Shrimp with Garlic comes from our side neighbours, the Spanish, the Vegetable Tagine from the down side neighbours, the Moroccan. Pizzas, focaccias, calzones, fregola and burrata come, of course, from Italy.

From wherever the dishes come from originally, the ingredients within are, whenever possible, supplied by local producers. The clams come from Peniche, the seaweed and mackerel from west shores as well. All dishes from the Vegetarian section get supplied by the Noah’s organic garden, hence, vary according with season and rhythm of production.

Section “Noah Family & Friends” was made for those who want to try, dare, taste and SHARE. It’s given the possibility of choosing from various options, platters of 4, 6 or 10 items.

It offers 70 seats on the inside and 50 on the outside, a cocktail and snack bar. It is also available for events such as group lunches and dinners, meetings, team building actions and weddings.

Made to SHARE amongst FAMILY and FRIENDS.
Various options that satisfy each one’s palates and everyone’s tastes.

Lunch // 12pm to 3pm

Dinner // 7pm to 10pm


Open every day.

Exceptions: 15th of November until the 10th of December | 24th and 25th of December


+351 261 936 366

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