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Every day, from 9:30am to 7:30pm

Annual closures: 24/12 - 26/12


On Noah's Surf House ground floor, one can find Noah Ocean Store - a store where we give you bit of a taste of our passion for the SEA, SURF and WAVES. Also, where we share our sustainability principles. All this seasoned with a pinch of originality, which makes each Noah product unique and special. At our store we try to answer all our customers' needs by offering options for an original and authentic lifestyle.

If you prefer a more classical but professionally demanding identity, then MAKIA is the brand for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer the contact with Nature, travelling and exploring the essence of each country, ROARK REVIVAL is the brand to follow. We also share the ecological vision of NATURAL WORLD and the message that ELECTRIC disseminates. Especially for the ladies, the sophisticated and casual AMUSE SOCIETY.

Of course, we haven’t forgot your - and our - passion for surfing. We have selected a wide choice of surfing gear with brands like O'NEILL, RIP CURL, LOST, ALL IN, CREATURES, FIREWIRE, JAM TRACTION ... always considering the high-quality standards.

And because Noah Ocean Store is a store with self-identity that wants to welcome you as part of the family, you will also find several NOAH brand products. The result? Original products created and conceived with affection, reflecting our ideals: love for the sea, love for the waves, love for the nature.



NOAH Brand


Are made with 100% wool fabric in Serra de Aire, Portugal. A traditional kind of industry, practically extinct, as most of worsted factories have shut down the past few years;
Wooden buttons and cotton tags, both made in Portugal;
The production factory is located 10 kms away from Noah. This way we are supporting local industry development and reducing our ecological footprint.
The whole product is 100% Portuguese and plastic free. The only exception is the washing instructions’ tag.
It’s the typical fisherman’s shirt, made with the best natural resources, very resistant and long-lasting, that protects from cold and humid Sea winds.
The tag has a picture from “Ti Francisco Nacum”, the famous historical bather from Furadouro beach, in Ovar. He was born in 1864 and passed away in 1956, when he was 92. A vigorous powerful man inside and outside the SEA.


Made in India, 100& organic cotton, with an ethical production certificate. Stamped in Ericeira, by a partner local company.


Made in Portugal. Enamelled hence, plastic free. By working with Portuguese suppliers, we know that regulation regarding human rights and environmental protection is respected.


We made a partnership with the Italian brand 24 Bottles - 850ml thermic bottles that keep high temperature for 12 hours and low for 24. The brand’s mission is to reduce the amount of plastic disposable bottles in the whole planet. Hence, they present stainless steel alternatives, carefully designed, sustainably produced, high quality, BPA free and easy to carry around.

Towels and Ponchos

Made in Portugal. By working with Portuguese suppliers, we know that regulation regarding human rights and environmental protection is respected. We use the remains of fishing nets to make the wraps for these items.


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