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With its feet on the sand and its eyes on the SEA, Noah Surf House offers activities for everyone, whether if you’re into action or prefer relaxation. Ocean and Land. From surf to stand up paddle, longboard skating, yoga or trekking to see what we are so passionate about on this SEASIDE paradise.

We looked but could not find a better way to celebrate the SEA than to leave the noise behind and ride the waves of west coast. We believe that surfing is a human right that offers direct contact with NATURE, challenging each wave, deep breathing and a possibility of looking at the WORLD from a different perspective - from the ocean to the land – rather than every day’s; sharing this transformative experience with family and friends, or simply with those who join us out in the water...

At Noah’s we take our guests to off-the-beaten-track beaches, where they can experience the best that both Surf and Santa Cruz have to offer.

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Santa Cruz

Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Mostly cloudy throughout the day.


min 5º / máx 17º

4.68 km/h
2.782 m
0.72 m

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