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SPO is a workshop where a local shaper designs, produces and markets surfboards tailored to the needs of each SURFER. Here we find ourselves in a space of creation and dreams, where we can find the board that will help us ride the perfect wave...


Visit to the SPO


In groups of 3 to 8 people, our guests will have the opportunity to observe the process of producing a surfboard.


SPO is located 6 km from Noah Surf House Portugal. The trip is made in a van available for this purpose.


Not applicable.


The visits lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Vacation / closure periods of the SPO - Carnival.
Reservations subject to availability.
Cancellations of bookings up until 6 pm on the previous day.
Onsite bookings until 6pm the previous day and subject to availability.

You will be provided with

Not applicable.


€ 15 / per person | in group (3 to 8 people)


Av. do Atlântico 
2560-042 A dos Cunhados 
Torres Vedras, Portugal

Noah Restaurant & Beach House
+ 351 261 932 355

Noah Surf House Portugal

General +351 261 936 360
Booking +351 261 936 366


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