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At the heart of Portugal´s west coast - a world class surf destination and Europe's very own surf haven - is Noah Surf School. You can find us at praia da Física, in the charming village of Santa Cruz.

Open since 2015, Noah Surf School is an assembly of passionate young surfers, led by a team of expert surfers that have developed an unparalleled teaching method based on their 15 plus years of experience in the field.

At Noah Surf School you will not just find everything you need to improve and perfect your skills; you will also be sharing in our pride and joy, surfing some of the best waves on the west coast of Portugal.

Our teaching program has been carefully designed to meet your most basic requirements and to accommodate a broad spectrum of specific demands. At Noah Surf School, learning and fun go hand in hand; you can rest assured that we have planned everything with your best interest in mind.

So whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate or already a proficient surfer, whether you are six or seventy years young, whether you are looking for a private session or would rather take the class in the company of friends and fellow surfers instead, Noah Surf School will definitely live up to your expectations.

At Noah Surf School, we hold surf culture in high regard, we respect its history, we stay true to its core values and always do our best to preserve its legacy and to pass it on to future generations.

In addition to acquiring comprehensive knowledge and insight into the manifold facets of surfing, our students will furthermore be challenged to excel as individuals and encouraged to lead by example and to becoming model citizens of the vast blue sea: to be mindful of others, as well as of their own surroundings, to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to live in harmony with Nature as a whole.

As the saying goes, the best surfer is the one having the most fun. But that is not nearly the half of it. Come and visit us at Noah Surf School - and dare to be surprised. 



1 lesson – 40€

5 lessons – 160€

10 lessons – 200€ (for locals)


The prices include insurance and all the surfing gear necessary

Maximum of 6 people per teacher 



+351 261 936 363 (call to national fixed network) | +351 965 377 738 (call to national mobile network) |

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Level 1, Beginners


  • History of Surfing
  • Safety rules inside and outside the sea
  • Understanding the surfing gear
  • Sea analysis  
  • Meteorological conditions assessment
  • Catch broken waves autonomously
  • Do the take off
  • Glide on broken waves steadily
  • Speed up and slow down the board speed
  • Make frontside and backside turns
  • Connecting turns

Level 2, intermediates


  • Identify which style to follow (shortboard, longboard)
  • Peak rules
  • Identify types of crowd and how to deal with locals
  • Survival techniques in adverse situations/conditions
  • Rescue and first aid techniques
  • Getting inside and coming out of the sea
  • Paddle autonomously in a half meter swell and bigger sets
  • Catch unbroken waves with and without help
  • Do a balanced take off and go down the wave already standing-up
  • After the take off, slide on the wave, cut front and back sides
  • Make small turns - introduction to the bottom turn and top turn
  • Sitting on the board on the outside and select the best waves to catch
  • Foam approach with the tip of the board raised
  • Introduction to turtle roll

Level 3, Advanced


  • Development of rescue and first aid techniques
  • Survival techniques in heavy sea
  • Knowledge of board construction, methods, materials, and purposes of shapes
  • Surfer ethic inside and outside the sea
  • Total autonomy on both inside and outside, with waves up to 2 meters
  • Adjust the type of surf considering the type of waves that day
  • Autonomous wave selection
  • Feel the board and correct movements
  • Surfing frontside and backside on the wave wall
  • Pass sections over in floater, and below in bottom turn
  • Perform duck dive
  • Accurate trimming
  • Perform two or more manoeuvres per wave
  • Cutback in both directions
  • Perform the re-entry and strike, in both directions
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