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A home for friends and family to gather, celebrate the sea, explore, and share lifetime memories.


To cultivate a creative ecosystem of passionate people, partners, community, and guests to form a dynamic hub for surf, wellbeing, and connection, while building a sustainable future.


Simplicity | Simplifying to express the true essence, in our creations and relationships

Creativity | Encouraging imagination to fly freely…

Sustainability | Looking at each action with sustainable environmental, social, and economic commitment

Confidence | Creating confident bonds among colleagues and with clients

Joy | Promoting moments of relaxation and happiness

Determination| unwavering commitment to be tru to ourselves, our vision, and our values


Noah Surf House lives in full consonance with Nature. It was born and built facing the blue sea, offering 8 rooms and 13 bungalows, subjected to an original decoration, providing guests the most welcoming and comfortable experience. It further boasts a Restaurant with flavours from all over the world, a snacks and bar service, a rooftop with an outdoor jacuzzi and sunset deck, an ocean store, a meeting/leisure room, an outdoor swimming pool, an organic vegetable garden, a sport centre, a gym, and a skate park.


Designed by the Portuguese architects Alexandra Paiva and Vasco Vieira, inspired by the original building features of the former beach colony once perched here. Construction works were developed in harmony with the surroundings, based on fundamental materials like concrete – the main structural element, glass, cork, and wood. These materials as well as its breath-taking simple yet sophisticated decoration personalize the Surf House, bringing the sense of innovation and uniqueness.

Noah is an ecological space, which follows the principles of sustainable tourism, whose incidence is based on energy efficiency, renewable energies, and upcycling of natural resources.

Santa Cruz

The Portuguese West Region is synonymous of rare NATURAL BEAUTY beaches... In Santa Cruz there are eleven, with an extensive area and imposing cliffs. Formed by clay sediments and covered by a green blanket of vegetation, the cliffs give you a sense of protection and at the same time of PEACE... Sought by many surfers, the Portuguese West Coast offers exclusive conditions for this practice. That is also why it was chosen to be one of the World Surf League competition’s stage. There are many options along the existing 20 kilometres of coastline, where it is possible to spend a RELAXING day at the beach or a PICNIC while tasting local produces.


Along the coast there are innumerable viewpoints that give you a sense of power but also of smallness due to the grandiosity of NATURE. Visit Alto da Vela’s viewpoint, Miradouro de Santa Helena, Miradouro da Formosa and, on the way, make a quick stop at Chapel of St. Helena, with the frontage facing the sea. Inside Capelinha you will find the image of St. Helena, which was found by a fisherman on Amoeira Beach in the 16th century. St. Helena is the patron saint of Santa Cruz.


It is one of the most iconic sights in Santa Cruz. Guincho’s Rock is formed by an imposing rock structure with 30 meters of height and 100m diameter, with a slot crossed by the sea on its base. When the tide is at its lowest it is possible to cross from one side to the other, keeping the feet dry. During Summer season it is one of the most crowded areas, rather dare to visit during the winter, and enjoy the mystical light at the end of the day, as the sun goes down.


Santa Cruz Water Mill is very close to Guincho’s Rock, right in the centre of Santa Cruz. It has a Tourist Office, exhibitions and a reading room with newspapers and magazines. 


Beauty, TRANQUILITY and magic. Santa Cruz has always been a source of inspiration for notable poets and writers who lived here. One of them was Antero de Quental who in 1870 sought inspiration in the refuge of Santa Cruz. In honour of the poet and philosopher, a statue was built in 2009, next to Santa Cruz Chapel. The Japanese poet Kazuo Dan also chose Santa Cruz to live between 1971 and 1972. The street where he lived has his name, and a monument was built in his honour where we can read one of his poems, "Poente", written in Santa Cruz. The poet João de Barros also has a monument. Poet, pedagogue, and publicist, he was a sea lover and spent several summers in Santa Cruz. In this statue it is possible to read a dedication from Ferreira de Castro – also a writer -, to João de Barros, where he exposes his passion for the Atlantic Ocean and his strong connection to Brazil.


▪ 2 min walk from the beach
▪ 50 min from Lisbon Airport
▪ 1h20 from Fátima
▪ 1h from Nazaré
▪ 45 min from Caldas da Rainha
▪ 40 min from Peniche
▪ 1h by boat from Berlengas Island
▪ 35 min from Óbidos
▪ 25 min from Ericeira
▪ 50 min from Sintra
▪ 1h from Cascais

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Santa Cruz

Sunday, 14 April 2024

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