Restaurant Noah Surf House

A place that gathers people from all around the globe, each dish is a journey.

With an extended cuisine options, without ever forsake its origins. A familiar laid-back environment which invites CONVERSATIONS and endless LAUGHTERS.

Each dish awakes one’s curiosity and desire to try out. It’s an invitation to embark in a savory journey, with the best view over Santa Cruz.


Avenida do Atlântico, at Noah Surf House Hotel (Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras)

Opening Hours 

Guests: 12:30pm - 10pm

Non-guests: lunch 12:30pm - 3:30pm | dinner 6:30pm - 10pm


+351 962 035 074 (call to national mobile network | available on WhatsApp)

+351 261 936 366 (call to national fixed network)

About the Restaurant

The Noah Surf House Restaurant is intended for guests, visitors and the local community.

With the best view over Santa Cruz, we offer lunches, dinners, snacks, bar and cocktail services, and you can also enjoy the skate park and trampolines.

It boasts 70 seats on the inside and 36 on the outside. It is also available for events such as group lunches and dinners, meetings, team building actions and weddings.

About the Chef

The Noah Surf House Restaurant is led by chef André Jesus who, after 10 years at the "sister-hotel" Areias do Seixo, accepted the challenge and took the reins of this gastronomic project.

It is in Santa Cruz - the place where he has always lived - that he draws inspiration to recreate, deconstruct and redesign his work which, he says, are a meeting between the LAND and the SEA, focused on Portuguese cuisine and, whenever possible, local.

About the Menu

Some dishes have been part of this HOUSE since its inception, which, for 7 years, were part of Noah Beach House (former Restaurant at Praia da Física) such as the 'Fish Rice with Shrimp' or the 'John Dory Fillets with Malandro Tomato Rice'.

Others propose a new look at well known dishes, but adding a touch of colour, freshness and lightness. For example, the 'Creamy Mushrooms, Potatoes and Parsley' are a reinterpretation of Broken Eggs (Ovos Rotos), or the 'Chickpea Hummus with Spinach and Spices' of the famous and traditional Hummus.

It is difficult to choose our favourites. However, the 'Grilled Octopus, Sweet Potato and Pesto from the Garden', the 'Fish Pica-pau & Sea Plants' and the 'Portuguese Steak, Potato Puree, Lettuce and Herbs from the Garden' are perhaps the ones that best represent the creativity and taste of our chef.

The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options, designed from scratch and thought out for the most demanding palates. Our favorite choice is the 'Creamy Sweet Pea Rice, São Jorge Cheese and Mint'.

Each dish and its ingredients are, whenever possible, supplied by local producers. The fresh fish and seafood are essentially caught on our coast. On the other hand, all dishes with vegetables are supplied by our garden and/or local gardens which, for this reason, may vary according to the season. Regardless, the garden is present in all dishes, as it is used in the decoration (or finishing) of all of them, either through edible flowers, such as nasturtiums, radish leaves, curly mustard leaves, or aromatic herbs.

Made to SHARE amongst FAMILY and FRIENDS.
Various options that satisfy each one’s palates and everyone’s tastes.
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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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